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SINCE 1958

International advanced, domestic first-class satellite products provider

Shandong Institute of Space Electronic Technology(SISET),established in 1958.SISET is wholly subordinated to CAST(China Academy of Space Technology).
SISET serves as China’s official explorer In the realm of Space endeavor,plays an imporlant role in China’s space technology and space products. As the most powerful backbone entity of China's space industry,SISET has designed and manufactured hundreds of space electronic equipment up to now.

Cu rrently SISET is mainly engaged in the folIowing fields:development and manufactu rlng of spacecraft and ground satellite appllcatlon equIpments.international cooperation in space technoIogy.etc.Together with the state central space administration Of China,SISET participates in formulating the national space technology development plans.studies the technological approaches in exploration,exploitation and utilization of outer space.With a variety of spacecraft/ground application equipments SlSET provides services to relevant industrial use rs both at home and aboard.

Now we are looking forward sharing our space technolog and experiences with global paine rs In full dimension collaborations.let's work together,making a better future.